Crafted by Stanley Hershonik

The Aeolian Harp or Wind Harp is a musical instrument that is "played" by the wind. It is named for Aeolus, the ancient Greek god of the wind.

When the wind decides to send you a song, the harp will begin to sing in harmonics, high and low, loud and soft, with a haunting mystical and ethereal voice. Some evidence suggests that the harp dates back to 3000 BC when lyres, or early harps, would be left in open chambers to sing by themselves. this effect was mentioned in the ancient writings of King David.

Renowned poets, Samuel Colerige and Henry David Thoreau have written numerous works about them.

You may recall, in the childhood fairy tale of "Jack and the Beanstalk", one of the giant's prized possessions was a self playing harp, perhaps aeolian.



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